About Me

Growing up in the 80s, I very frequently mixed my insanely active imagination with my absolute adoration of television. As a toddler, I could often be found having adventures in the different color lands (a la Rainbow Brite) of my backyard and terrorizing my nursery school teachers by only allowing them to call me Mrs. Roper (yes, from Three’s Company) whilst flouncing about during playtime in a oversized mumu and plastic pearls. I was basically born a fangirl, and the repercussions have followed me delightfully throughout my entire time on this planet, influencing everything from forming my own unique sense of style to creating, planning, and realizing crazy travel adventures both at home and abroad.

I did realize my childhood dream of becoming a professional actor, though my first love will always be creating little projects with my own two hands. I can remember cross-stitching at 3, making jewelry by 8, designing ball gowns at 12, teaching myself to knit in Bryant Park in my 20s and continuing all of the above today and hopefully until I cross over into the unknown!

Nowadays, I am a proud teacher and that crazy aunt families always talk about. I move about a lot, always looking for new inspiration and the next adventure. Time is scarce, but the artist in me still demands to be let out. I find crafty pursuits a welcomed escape from my everyday routine and always enjoy sharing fun, and SILLINESS of course, whenever and wherever I can!

Just another day at work!

Just another day at work!



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