An Open Note to My facebook Feed – It’s Not You, It’s Me

For so many of you, your everyday reality is my dream. The 10 minute silence you wish for is often my 24 hour prison. (There’s a reason solitary confinement is the worst place in prison.) I am so glad that I learned how to fall in love with fictional characters at an early age as they are my reluctant, but steadfast, companions now. Continue reading


Summer Lego Tweetaway!

Summer Lego Tweetaway!

In celebration of the official launch of, hitting 2500 (!) followers on Twitter, and to share the fun of my full-time Lego summers, here’s another Tweetaway! Up for giveaway is the Lego Friends Mia’s Lemonade Stand set along with a Lilly Pulitzer inspired Lego necklace (yes, it’s buildable/changeable) designed by yours truly. More examples … Continue reading