Glamour Glasses – $2 Target HACK!


The days are getting longer, and the kids are getting more and more restless. You know what that means… Summer is right around the corner!

Living on the beach in both Florida and California, not to mention being a mile higher to the sun in Denver, I learned very quickly how important it can be to have a good pair of sunglasses always on hand. (Never mind the added bonus of just feeling a touch more like a Hollywood starlet!) Those harmful UV rays can certainly do a number on your eyes as well as your skin, and squinting helps those crows feet creep up on you just that much quicker.

Of course this importance to health and safety is also a great way to explain away my addiction to having “just one more” pair around!

The other day, I went to Target for some carrots, bought them, and exited the store quickly. If you have ever been in a Target store, you know that I just told the biggest whopper of a lie ever. For those unfamiliar with the clean, bright, obsessively awesome mecca of bargains known as Target, I can only say that:

1) Your wallet should be ever so thankful.
2) You are missing out on perhaps the greatest one stop shopping venue ever created.
3) I feel very, very sorry for you.

Ok, I am getting off track. Target is just a great place. Full stop. For the purpose of today’s entry, we are going to talk about the section of the store that often gets me into the most trouble: The SPOT. The SPOT is a great little set of aisles that has everything from candy, to makeup, to stationary… and everything in between… all priced at either $1 or $3. Yes, you read that correctly.


Now I know what you are thinking. How great can the stuff be that’s thrown into the dollar bins? Let me just tell you, I am constantly, and pleasantly, surprised by all the fun stuff I find at The SPOT!

Going back to that fateful carrot shopping adventure, The SPOT greeted me, as usual, at the very front of the store. “What’s the harm in looking,” I asked myself. I know better, and yet I get suckered in every time!

I started looking down the aisle. Cute Crayola crayon packs. Wait. Is that strawberry lip gloss shaped like a crayon? For $1?! Welcome to my basket, little guy.

Then, I saw them, calling to me like the brightest lighthouse in the darkest storm. SUNGLASSES. In The SPOT. “Surely, they must be $3,” I thought to myself, realizing that yes, that is still indeed a bargain. Oh but guess again… $1. “Well there probably aren’t any decent styles.”




Black Ray Ban-esque frames with polka dotted arms?!

Let’s just say these babies jumped straight into my basket.

Then, suddenly, a glimmer caught the corner of my eye from the next section over. Yes, the dollar spot does have glitter, glitter glue (an obsession of mine when I was a kid to surely be discussed at a later time), and glitter tape, but alas, it was none of the above. No, this was a more refined, more elegant glimmer. The glimmer of luxe hardware.


There I saw a little, metal, gold bow attached to an elastic hair tie. Adorable as it was in its original form, I couldn’t help but immediately see the potential to take my sunglasses to the next level.


When I got home, I tore open the packaging on both items, only to find that the hair tie was made in such a way that it could also be worn as a bracelet. A bit sad, I vowed to return to Target to see if I could scoop up another one, but for now there was work to be done! Brandishing my trusty pair of snippy scissors, I hacked off the ends of the elastic, leaving a small section still attached to the back of the bow (but unseen when viewing straight on). I left the small part of elastic material because I felt that it provided a great filler to overcome the curvature of the bow, not to mention providing a larger surface area to apply adhesive.


If you are a crafter, you are most likely familiar with E6000, otherwise known around these parts as Miracle Glue. This stuff will adhere just about ANYTHING, including fingers, so be careful! Also use in a well ventilated area or line the space around you with a lot of cushy pillows because you will pass out. There are lots of warnings on the tube, so just be sure to pay attention and stick with safety.

I placed a good amount of E6000 onto the back of the bow (on the elastic) and pressed it on where I wanted it to stick… FOREVER. When I use E6000, I like to press and hold the objects for a good 30-60 seconds, just as a little extra adhesive insurance. I let my new pair of sunnies sit overnight and voila!

photo (4)

This is just one example of something easy, and affordable, you can do to give a store bought accessory a personal touch of style. With the versatility of E6000, the possibilities are virtually endless. The SPOT at Target is always changing their stock, so check back often for new items and inspiration!

Go forth and create!

~ Jen



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