Favorite Things

Favorite Things – Boardwalk Treats Edition!

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After class today, I decided to stop by Home Goods in the hopes of picking up a new mirror. Little did I know that I would find a little treat from summers past right in the checkout line! Before I knew it, I was leaving with a box of Butter Mint Rolls in my hand. In celebration of my happy find, here are a few favorite treats from my childhood boardwalk adventures in Ocean City, New Jersey:

Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard – No summer vacation was complete without at least one orange & vanilla creamsicle custard swirl cone. (For all you ‘Orange is the New Black’ fans, yes, they have chocolate & vanilla too.) 😉

Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy – Try as I might it’s neigh on impossible for me to enjoy other salt water taffy when I grew up with the best. And that’s not only because I was their Salt Water Taffy sculpting champion 7 years running…

Shriver’s Mint Rolls – Another win from Shriver’s! Their mint rolls are reminiscent of the little after dinner mints you used to find in your grandparents’ favorite restaurants or as bridal shower favor takeaways, but with a very lovely and unique texture.

Fralinger’s Sea Foam Fudge – This was always our family’s special splurge. Dad was smart enough to pick a nutty variety because us kids wouldn’t touch anything with nuts in it! Peanut butter was a favorite, but good old fashioned chocolate always took the cake.

Johnson’s Popcorn – We always had to hollow out a spot in the station wagon to fit a tub of Johnson’s caramel corn… which we tried fervently not to devour on the ride home.

Funnel Cake – Fried dough with powdered sugar on top. What’s not to love?! Watch the seagulls though. They’ll swoop down and take it right out of your hand!

What are some of your favorite nostalgic summer vacation treats?

Don’t forget your sunscreen! 🙂

~ Jen


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